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Will Reliance be able to complete the Future Group deal?

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Children are having a bigger say in family purchases

Marketers must note that youngsters are influencing buying decisions on high-value purchases too

Can India become a $5-trillion economy by 2025?

In this video, Radhika Merwin, Associate Editor with BL, explains why this may be a distant dream

What is RCEP and why did India stay out of it?

The agreement is important to India because of the sheer size of the proposed bloc

CAT exam: Admission criteria in IIMs

T.I.M.E. Centre Director Arvind Mantry explains the entire process in this video

CAT and the importance of mock examinations

Taking mock examinations every day is not ideal, says T.I.M.E. Centre Director Arvind Mantry

CAT in three weeks, what should be the focus

Do not panic, practice is the answer to everything, says T.I.M.E. Centre Director Arvind Mantry

Decoding the Union Budget 2020: Facebook Live discussion


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